Peace of Mind Proprietary Blend

Peace of Mind Proprietary Blend

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Welcome to our very first Life Tool! 

Peace of Mind Proprietary Blend is the best natural relaxation supplement for less stress and better sleep. 

We get it... you're busy, tired, and stressed out all of the time. Where is that peace of mind? What ever happened to just slowing down and stopping to smell the flowers once in a while?

It is finally time to have things simply work out right for once. You CAN feel like yourself again, like you did before you started feeling like a stress-o-maniac! It is time to take a deep breath and relax. 

Wouldn't it be nice to go through your day as usual, just without all of the unnecessary stress and anxiety? Imagine what that will be like when you wake up in the morning fully rested with a smile on your face and a huge sense of inner peace and energy. Imagine going through your day in a calm, content, and relaxed manner without feeling that dreadful amount of pressure and exhaustion weighing you down. Wouldn't it be nice to get a good night's sleep for once? Sometimes all we need is a little help, and that's what we're here for at Life Tools. We created Peace of Mind Proprietary Blend to naturally help you wind down and feel at peace within yourself. 

Harmonious Blend of Relaxing Herbs & Nutrients to Encourage Natural Relaxation:
Peace of Mind Proprietary Blend is for anyone who struggles with anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, poor sleep quality, and other difficulties. We are passionate about helping everyone become happier and healthier for life. We worked with experts to create a natural and non-habit forming relaxation supplement that is truly reliable and enjoyable. The formula is a natural blend of calming herbs, including extracts of Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, Ashwagandha, Valerian, and more to help relax the body and mind. Additionally, Peace of Mind Proprietary Blend works to correct a number of common nutritional deficiencies known for causing poor sleep and extra stress. The Blend includes vitamin B, magnesium "the relaxation mineral", amino acids L-Theanine and GABA (known for their calming properties), and more to replenish these deficiencies.

Powerful Healing Benefits:
✓ Improve Mood, Happiness, and Mental Health
✓ Relieve Anxiety, Stress, Exhaustion, and Depressive Tendencies
✓ Non-Drowsy
✓ Reduce Inflammation
✓ Gentle & Non-Habit Forming
✓Antibiotic Free
✓Gluten Free
✓All Natural
✓Sugar Free
✓Vegan Friendly
✓Hormone Free
✓Lactose Free
✓Free of Top 8 Allergens

Scientifically Advanced Formula: 
Our unique formula is packed with pure and all-natural ingredients to provide a better alternative to the common & harmful drugs for relaxation, sleep, and depression. Unlike harsh pharmaceuticals, you can feel confident knowing that you are fueling your body with only the best for your optimal health and happiness!

Peace of Mind Proprietary Blend Details:

  • Natural Formula for maximum & lifelong mental health. Harmful 'relaxation' drugs are not even a consideration to us. We only offer the best of the best for the Life Tools community! :)
  • Naturally defeat depressive tendencies, anxious feelings, sleepless nights, and daily stress weighing you down. Have undeniable control over your negative emotions and feelings. You CAN be happy again. 
  • Each ingredient is chosen with utmost care and is tested thoroughly for any sign of lesser quality. See the product pictures for the list of ingredients. 
  • Made in the U.S.A. :)
  • Replenish your body's essential nutrients and vitamins for maximum health and wellbeing.
  • One of the most advanced blends for a higher quality life and a naturally happier mood. 
  • 60 natural smooth veggie capsules. 
  • Notice your baseline happiness level rising. Feel good about yourself and your life every day. 
  • FDA approved & GMP certified. 
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. 
  • Cumulative effect. See each day in a brighter light and remember what it's like to be a carefree kid again. 
  • 10% of our profits go to charity. By helping yourself, you are also helping others. It's a win-win for everyone involved. :)

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Q: Will this Blend improve my sleep?

A: Yes! Many customers enjoy taking Peace of Mind Proprietary Blend before they go to bed, stating that they get a better night's sleep, along with maximum energy & a great mood the next morning. 

Q: Can I take this supplement with other supplements or medicine?

A: It should be fine, but since everyone is different we always recommend consulting your physician beforehand. 

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: We do offer discounts periodically as a thank-you to all of you wonderful customers! If you are signed up to our email list then you will receive the discounts in your inbox. :) 

Q: How does the supplement taste?

A: Taste is not too big of a deal since it is a capsule. The taste is not great, but it isn't bad either. It is somewhere in between. 

Q: When should I start noticing a difference in my mood and stress levels? 

A: Most customers seem to notice within 30 minutes to a few hours after taking the blend. Others notice a change after a few days of consistently taking it. It just depends on the person, but somewhere within this timeframe is a safe bet.  


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