Testimonials for Peace of Mind Natural Blend:


I usually have nightmares, anxiety-produced "dreams". The two nights I took these I did not have those at all!! Then, I shared my bottle with my daughter yesterday and didn't take them for a third night last night. The nightmares came back... I'm ordering more right now! -Thia T. 

This is a stress reducing pill that actually works. I've been trying it out and it helps a lot. Many people think I'm relaxed and easy going but I'm actually pretty high-strung. Life has been particularly stressful lately and this product is a good help. Much better than alcohol or medicinal marijuana because you feel completely normal and functional but not stressed! It doesn't make you sleepy or lazy either. Try it and see for yourself! -Anthony

This supplement is great for reducing anxiety and a great night's sleep. I started noticing a difference after 4 days of taking the pills. No longer wake up in the middle of the night! I also have an anxiety disorder and after taking these, I'm stressed out way less often. Will definitely be repurchasing and you should too! They have changed my life for the better! -Nikki C. 

 Loving it so far! Since I have started using Life Tools Peace of Mind I have felt much more balanced. I am sleeping well and felling better rested throughout the day. -Wesley

This product is subtle, concise and an awesome supplement to a person's everyday life! I tried taking it in the morning, afternoon and at night and all resulted me in what the product said! Except for at night time where it would actually help me sleep very well (For me I got more vivid dreams when taken at dinner/bedtime but a good night's sleep nonetheless - just a fun little fact). Try it out, the creator means to do so much good in the world and this is just one of her many steps to come, you will love it! -Bryan Z.

I find my daily commute in LA to be less aggravated and more elevated. Thanks for the great little picker upper! -Eugene B.

Great for sleeping. I twist and turn alot in my sleep, waking up around 2 or 3 constantly. Started taking these and I slept through the night like a baby. Woke up feeling relaxed and ready to start the day. -Brody G.

Feeling Good! I am enjoying my Peace of Mind blend to help calm me before bed at night. Also, Life Tools Offical was very professional and had great follow through. Can’t wait til you come out with even more products! Thank you! -Cheryl 

Highly recommend! As a college student I have a lot of ongoing stress so these supplements have really helped me manage my work, school, and self balance. Anyone trying to relax before exams or overbooked schedules should try this product, it's literally the chill pill I needed! -Jennifer B.

Great product. I don't usually use supplements like this, but it worked really well and I'm super happy with it! I've been sleeping great and waking up very peacefully. Definitely effective and 10/10 would recommend. -Katiana

Awesome Product! I really enjoy how this product relaxes me and makes me feel happy throughout the day. -Eli E.

It works well for me and I like to take it before bed because it helps me wake up energized and ready for the day :) -Alex K.