Peace of Mind Natural Blend

Peace of Mind Natural Blend

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Welcome to our very first natural remedy & 'Life Tool'! 

Peace of Mind Natural Blend is the best natural relaxation supplement for less stress and better sleep. 

Our first natural remedy helps you have less stress and better sleep. Peace of Mind Natural Blend is a supplement made from natural herbs, vitamins, and a few minerals (including Magnesium, the relaxation mineral) that all work together to calm your Central Nervous System, which relaxes your mind and body. The Blend also replenishes common nutritional deficiencies associated with stress and sleep problems. The Blend gets to the root of the problem and then works to heal you from the inside out! It is a great, healthy alternative to the medications used today for stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep because there are not any negative or unpleasant side effects. 

Powerful Healing Benefits:
✓ Improve Mood, Happiness, and Mental Health
✓ Relieve Anxiety, Stress, Exhaustion, Low Mood, and Feelings of Depression
✓ Non-Drowsy (and no drug-like feel to them)
✓ Reduce Inflammation
✓ Gentle & Non-Habit Forming 

✓ Vegan and Vegetarian friendly! 


We Keep The Bad Stuff Out: 

✓Antibiotic Free
✓Gluten Free
✓Sugar Free
✓Hormone Free
✓Lactose Free
✓Free of Top 8 Allergens✓All Natural

✓ FDA Approved, GMP Standard Quality, Made in the USA

✓All Natural


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    Q: Will this Blend improve my sleep?

    A: Yes! Many customers enjoy taking Peace of Mind Natural Blend before they go to bed, stating that they get a better night's sleep, along with maximum energy & a great mood the next morning. 

    Q: Can I take this supplement with my other supplements or medicine?

    A: It should be fine, but since everyone is different we always recommend asking your physician beforehand. 

    Q: Do you offer discounts?

    A: We do offer discounts periodically as a thank-you to all of you wonderful customers! If you are signed up to our email list then you will receive the discounts in your inbox. :) 


    Q: When should I start noticing a difference in my mood and stress levels? 

    A: Most customers seem to notice within 30 minutes to a few hours after taking the blend. Others notice a change after a few days of consistently taking it. It just depends on the person, but somewhere within this timeframe is a safe bet.  


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