What Should You Look For In A Healthy, Safe, & Effective Relaxation Supplement?


(Do not buy any relaxation supplements until you read this)


Get a natural supplement that can do both.

While most supplements only try to solve one piece of the puzzle, Peace of Mind Natural Blend takes a more holistic approach. Studies have shown over and over again that stress levels and sleep quality are very interconnected, so if you have high levels of stress in your life, your sleep quality will suffer as well. Likewise, if you have been struggling with sleep problems, your stress levels rise. Instead of only addressing half of the problem, we decided to take a two-pronged approach with Peace of Mind Natural Blend and create a better solution. Instead of just an anti-anxiety supplement or just a sleep aid supplement (like most other supplements) - we created our Blend to help with both less stress and better sleep.


Be careful with melatonin.

Many people take melatonin as a natural sleep aid. While we do like melatonin and it is an awesome sleep aid, you must take it with a bit of caution. As many studies have shown, taking melatonin too often or for too long can cause issues for your body and your natural sleep cycle, and can even become ineffective in helping you sleep. This is because your body gets used to the boost of melatonin and begins to produce less of it on its own, leading to sleep problems down the road. We did not include melatonin in Peace of Mind Natural Blend because we wanted to be able to provide a natural alternative to melatonin. Many supplements on the market today include melatonin in their supplements - which is fine - but you must beware of the risks involved. One of the only supplements for better sleep without melatonin is Peace of Mind Natural Blend.


Compounding effects that replenish your deficiencies.

If you take time to go through the literature on studies done in natural medicine, holistic health, and nutrition you will find that by fixing simple common deficiencies in your body, you will dramatically reduce your stress and improve your sleep. For example, a B6 deficiency can cause low energy and changes in mood like irritability, anxiety, and depression, confusion, and more. Americans are deficient in all kind of nutrients such as our B vitamins, Magnesium, zinc, etc. When we created the Blend, we wanted to create a compounding effect within our supplement. We wanted to fix the root of the problem, which many supplement and pharmaceutical companies neglect in pursuit of more profits (even if they are not what is best for their customers). Instead, we focus on creating real, natural, and effective solutions so that we can all become naturally happier and healthier. In Peace of Mind Blend, we included key vitamins and minerals that help repair many common deficiencies you may have. We included Magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, Zinc, and Calcium. We also included herbs and ingredients that help you make the neurotransmitters you need for relaxation, happiness, and sleep. Many supplements only provide you with an herb or blend of herbs to help you relax, but these products will only act as a band-aid because a lot of times all you really need to do is replenish your deficiencies. You need a blend of herbs and vitamins to replenish those deficiencies and help you feel good while doing it. Like Dr. Mark Hyman says, “You can sit on a tack and take all the pain killers you want, but it is still going to hurt until you remove the tack”. Peace of Mind Blend removes the tack. Between recharging your body with the vitamins you need and the herbal comfort from our special blend, Peace of Mind Natural Blend will help you permanently reduce (or even eliminate) stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as increase your energy and greatly improve your sleep.


Look For 3rd Party Tested, GMP standard quality, and FDA Approved:

Many medicine and supplement companies are not honest about what ingredients are in their products. One way to help ensure quality, honesty, and safety is to make sure that their supplements are 3rd party tested. This means that an independent organization (a neutral 3rd party) has reviewed the manufacturing process of a product and has determined that the item complies with specific standards of safety and quality. Another thing that all companies should have as a standard is GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice. This simply means that the company is following a system of manufacturing to reproduce the same exact product every time they make it, and that they comply with all current regulations. Lastly, make sure that your supplement is FDA approved. If a supplement is FDA approved, this means that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has examined and tested the product for safety and has approved the supplement for medicinal use in the USA. Our Peace of Mind Natural Blend is FDA approved and 3rd party tested under strict GMP standards. Additionally, we have 100% transparency in our labeling, meaning you know exactly what you are putting into your body - because it’s important!

Find Supplements Made in the USA:

Many supplements on the market today are sourced from China, India, and other far-away places that have lesser standards of quality than the USA. To ensure top quality, take supplements that are made in the USA. Peace of Mind Blend is proudly made in the USA. J


Free of Fillers, Antibiotics, Hormones, etc:

Your supplement should be free of any harmful and unnecessary ingredients. Many supplement companies dishonestly will add fillers, binders, sugars/sweeteners, and preservatives to their supplements even though they know it is very unhealthy for you. They may also source their herbal ingredients from fields treated with antibiotics, hormones, and other toxic chemicals. They do these things for more profit even though they are being dishonest to their customers. This is a deceiving, demeaning, and very shady way to do business and we do not agree with it. Therefore, Peace of Mind Blend is proudly free of antibiotics, gluten, GMO, hormones, sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, binders, yeast, lactose, and the top 8 allergens. It is also vegetarian and vegan friendly. J