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What is Peace of Mind Natural Blend?

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Centers your Body, Mind, & Spirit

Increases Patience & Boosts Mood

Natural Sleep Aid & Reduces Insomnia

Why Peace of Mind Natural Blend?

Because it is a holistic, natural, herbal supplement created by experts with a blend of ingredients backed by peer-reviewed science and human-based trials. 

Between recharging your body with the vitamins you need and the herbal comfort from our special blend, Peace of Mind Natural Blend will help you permanently reduce (or even completely eliminate) stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as increase your energy and greatly improve your sleep.

Each one of Peace of Mind Blend's ingredients has been rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness, and is supported by decades of research.

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Natural Anti-Depressant

Reduces Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Stress

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Deep Relaxation. Restful & Rejuvenating Sleep.

Peace of Mind Natural Blend

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The Super Ingredients:



Magnesium is known as the stress antidote and the most powerful relaxation mineral. If you are deficient in this critical nutrient, you are twice as likely to die. Up to half of all Americans are deficient in Magnesium. In both your body and your brain, it helps you stop being uptight, irritable, crampy, stiff, moody, and more. 


B Vitamins

The most important vitamins to lower our stress are the B vitamins. B vitamins help pick up mood and vitality. B vitamins help regulate the body’s level of tryptophan, an amino acid important for maintaining healthy sleep. They help our brain produce the right balance of brain chemicals to lower stress. 



Valerian is an herb that naturally helps cure anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, stress, and pain. Valerian has the same effects on the brain that Valium (an anti-depressant drug) does, but Valerian doesn’t have the harmful side effects that valium has (like addiction). Because of its sedative properties, Valerian helps you fall asleep and restore your sleep pattern. 


Mucuna Prureins

Mucuna prureins is a natural herb and the number one substance on the planet known to increase dopamine levels (a neurotransmitter that regulates how you perceive and experience pleasure). It helps you have more focus, motivation, interest, and pleasure. It also reduces your cortisol levels (a stress hormone). 



Ashwagandha is an apoptogenic and rejuvenating herb that increases your resistance to stress, anxiety, trauma, and fatigue. It is loaded with antioxidants to protect you from free radical damage. It has been used very effectively for thousands of years. 



GABA is a neurotransmitter that plays a huge role in helping you feel calm. It has been shown in many studies to provide more refreshing (and higher quality) sleep. If you have low levels of GABA, you are prone to anxiety, panic attacks and nervousness. You feel overwhelmed, overworked, and pressured. Many Americans have low levels of GABA. 


Peace of Mind Natural Blend's unique formulation of calming herbs and vitamins supply your brain with nutrients essential for optimal relaxation and deep rest. These ingredients have been individually used for centuries in traditional ayurvedic medicinal systems; but never before have they been combined into one ultimate solution  - until now! Peace of Mind Natural Blend has brought many people deeper sleep and relaxation than they have had in years.

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Meet The Maker:

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Q: Is Peace of Mind Natural Blend Safe?

A: Yes! Very much so. Each of our ingredients has been rigorously tested for safety, and is supported by decades of research. In fact, it is much safer than many of the other drugs out there for stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep problems because the Blend has not been identified to have any short term or long term negative side effects. 

Q: When should I take the Blend?

A: Peace of Mind Blend can be taken at any time, but most people say they like it best around dinner time or before bed. Some have also said that they like it in the morning. 

Q: Is it physically or psychologically addictive?
No. Peace of Mind Natural Blend is neither physically or psychologically addictive. In fact, we designed the Blend to be neuroprotective with no tolerance build up or any dependency. Peace of Mind Natural Blend is a great alternative to the addicting and habit-forming stress & sleep medications. 

Q: Is the Blend vegetarian?

A: Yes. Peace of Mind Blend is Vegetarian and Vegan friendly. 

Q: When should I start noticing a difference in my mood and stress levels? 

A: Most customers seem to feel relaxed within 30 minutes to a few hours after taking the blend. Others notice a change after a few days of consistently taking it. It just depends on the person, but somewhere within this timeframe is a safe bet.  

Less Stress ~ Better Sleep

Peace of Mind Natural Blend

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I usually have nightmares and anxiety-produced "dreams". The two nights I took these I did not have those at all!! Then, I shared my bottle with my daughter yesterday and didn't take them for a third night last night. The nightmares came back... I'm ordering more right now!

Thia T.

This supplement is great for reducing anxiety and a great night's sleep. I started noticing a difference after 4 days of taking the pills. No longer wake up in the middle of the night! I also have an anxiety disorder and after taking these, I'm stressed out way less often. Will definitely be repurchasing and you should too! They have changed my life for the better!

Nikki C.

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